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Derek Denny

For all soup lovers in the world, there is Soup Surreal. As the Chef and Owner of Soup Surreal I am proud to share my passion with you, your family and your friends.

Growing up in St. Clements, I began my culinary journey at the Stone Crock (St. Jacob's) where I learned the value of ingredients and the beauty of alchemy in preparing soups.

Inspired by my mentors, I became a proud graduate of the Niagara Culinary Institute (now the Canadian Food and Wine Institute).

With knowledge and the craving to explore my passion, I began to travel the world and experience the culture of food. Working at Kuechenwerkstatt in Hamburg, Germany I learned the importance of quality ingredients and a strong skill set.

In 2009, I traveled to Australia to work in another foreign kitchen packed with new flavours and food trends. After gaining experience in 13 commercial kitchens, and training under dozens of Chefs, my quest for soup supremacy began.

Soup Surreal is committed to bringing quality and comfort home. Please enjoy sharing my passion and my love for the flavours of the world brought right to your bowl.

Bringing Quality & Comfort Home

Derek Denny